5S textbook─All workplaces will be improved(Tanaka Information Laboratory Co., Ltd.)|アットマーククリエイト|電子書籍、POD

5S textbook─All workplaces will be improved(Tanaka Information Laboratory Co., Ltd.)

Improve your company with 5S!

All workplaces will be improved
5S textbook

Author:Tanaka Information Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Masumitsu Tanaka/Kan Yoshikawa

Translator:Tadao Asou

Illustration:Yuka Yano


Utility / Business


5S / Job / Improvement / Organization






Content introduction

Improve your company with 5S!

Effectively from introduction to fixing in 5 months. It is easy to understand using diagrams and photos, and explains according to the actual procedure.

Organizing and cleaning is not the only 5S. Use this text to turn your company into a lively place.

〈Table of Contents〉

  • Gist
  • Chapter 1 Learning
    • 1-1.Understanding correct 5S
    • 1-2.Different learning curve by company
    • 1-3.5S organization
    • 1-4.Kick-off meeting
    • 1-5.5S slogan
    • 1-6.5S Checklist
    • 1-7.5S problem photo
    • 1-8.GO!! 5S Promotion Committee
    • 1-9.Mechanism creating
    • 1-10.5S Master plan
  • Chapter 2 Sort
    • 2-1.Sorting with red tag
    • 2-2.Untimely goods / waste storage area
    • 2-3.A monster by wall
    • 2-4.Fixed-point shooting observation
  • Chapter 3 Set in order
    • 3-1.5S bulletin board
    • 3-2.Display, signboard
    • 3-3.Partition line
  • Chapter 4 Shine
    • 4-1.Shine
    • 4-2.Confirmation of activation
  • Chapter 5 Standardize
    • 5-1.Standardizing
  • Chapter 6 Sustain
    • 6-1.Discipline
    • 6-2.Dress, greeting
    • 6-3.Visual management
  • Chapter 7 Improvement
    • 7-1.Waste
    • 7-2.Improvement
    • 7-3.Presentation
  • Afterword