Please Listen to My Last Message!~A Japanese old man's will~(Tadao Ishibashi)

For young people the last messages on life of an old man.

Please Listen to My Last Message!
~A Japanese old man's will~

著者:Tadao Ishibashi(石橋 忠夫)

ジャンル Genre

エッセイ・随筆 Essay

キーワード Keyword

人生観 Outlook on Life

閲覧タイプ eBooks Layout Type

リフロー Reflowtable

言語 Language

英語 English

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Pregnant last messages on various themes for young people, written by an old experienced man.
For example, Chinese proverbs often have incompatible meanings. You should select one according to a situation you meet.
Alcohol has two factors. But taking alcohol properly makes us pleasant. 'Can you find better medicines than alcohol?'
'The government officials who are good at written examinations and peanut politicians cannot comprehend actual world.' Etc., etc.

〈Table of Contents〉

  • Introduction
  • * Alcohol
  • * Music
  • * Book
  • * Car
  • * Travel
  • * Pet
  • * Economy
  • * Politics